African Gray Favorite Foods

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African gray parrots are popular pets for people across the world. The birds are talented mimics, and can live for up to 65 years with proper care. They need plenty of attention from their owners, though, and require Vitamin A and calcium supplements. Because they have additional nutritional requirements, owners are advised to supply African grays with a wide array of food. Like any animal, grays will pick and choose and come to individual conclusions about favorite foods.

Parrot Food

    Standard parrot food is available at pet and bird supply shops and should be the foundation of an African gray’s diet. Parrot food includes nuts, grains and pellets. It also includes unshelled peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds.

Leafy Greens, Vegetables and Fruit

    African grays need Vitamin A to be healthy, so they should receive supplements of leafy greens, vegetables and fruits. Good greens include broccoli, mustard greens, and dark lettuces like Romaine and spinach. African grays also enjoy other vegetables, such as carrots, celery and butternut squash. Vegetables can be supplemented with fruit to keep the gray’s diet fresh and healthy. African grays are particularly fond of grapes and oranges.


    Many African grays enjoy cheese snacks, which supplement the birds’ need for calcium. Cheese should be fed sparingly, however, as it is not a naturally occurring part of the bird’s diet.

Nuts and Seeds

    General parrot food should be supplemented with plenty of unshelled nuts and seeds. Peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds can all provide nutrition and entertainment for African grays, who will spend hours shelling the prizes to eat the insides.

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