How to Apply for Hearing Aids through the Veterans Administration

For a veteran suffering hearing loss, being tested by an audiologist and fit for the right hearing aids can vastly improve his quality of life, communication, and ability to function. Many veterans qualify to receive new or replacement hearing aids, repairs and batteries through the Veterans Administration (VA). Even veterans who are privately insured or not currently patients at VA medical centers or clinics may be eligible. Veterans can apply for hearing aids through VA online, in person, or via phone or mail.

    Determine if you qualify for hearing aids through the Veterans Administration. You qualify if you are currently a VA medical center or outpatient clinic patient and hearing loss is one of your conditions resulting from military service.

    If you are a former Prisoner of War (POW), more than 10 percent disabled, a Purple Heart recipient and/or a World War I veteran, you qualify for hearing aids through the VA.

    If treatments for other health conditions have effected your hearing, your income level and insurance coverage make hearing aids otherwise unobtainable, or your primary doctor recommends consulting an audiologist, you may also qualify to receive hearing aids.

    If you are uncertain if you qualify, or if you’re not currently a VA patient, contact the VA Health Benefits Service Center toll free at (877) 222-VETS (8387) Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

    You may also visit, call or write your nearest VA medical center or benefits office, listed in the blue pages of your phone book or online at

    Request hearing aids from the VA. Your VA Health Benefits Service Center Benefits Counselor will arrange a “Compensation and Pension” examination by a VA audiologist to establish service-connected hearing loss and to request hearing aids. After your hearing test, you’ll receive written notification from the VA’s regional office regarding whether you qualify for hearing aids through the VA.

    Have ear impressions made. At your next appointment, VA’s audiology clinic will make ear impressions, and your hearing aids will be ordered. A follow-up appointment to the audiology clinic will be scheduled for hearing aid fitting.

    Ensure your hearing aids meet your needs, if you already have hearing aids that need batteries or repairs. VA’s Audiology Clinic will ensure your current hearing aids are working for you, and then register them with the Denver Distribution Center so you can receive repairs and batteries via mail.

    Determine if your hearing aids need to be replaced. Your VA audiologist will recommend replacement hearing aids if yours are ineffective, irreparable, or your medical condition has changed and different hearing aids are needed. Hearing aids will also be replaced by the VA if they were destroyed or lost due to circumstances beyond your control, if they are broken and beyond economical repair, or parts or accessories are unavailable.

Tips & Warnings

  • According to the VA, “Hearing aids have an expected life span of three to four years depending on the model of the instrument, daily hours of use, wear and tear, frequency of repair and maintenance, ear conditions, and user lifestyle.”

  • The VA does not replace hearing aids for cosmetic purposes or due to availability of newer technology, unless there is evidence that the replacement will significantly benefit the veteran.

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