How to Get a DNA Test Done for Free in Florida

How to Get a DNA Test Done for Free in Florida thumbnail

DNA testing is an important procedure for determining who the father of a child is. If you live in the state of Florida and there is a question as to who the father of your baby is, then the most straightforward thing to do is to go to a clinic or hospital and get the testing done. If you want a test for free, it might require some additional work, but you can still do it.

    Check with government services in your city. Government offices like the Office of Support Enforcement or the Department of Child and Family Services will offer free DNA paternity testing for expectant parents. These options will require you to fill out all the necessary paperwork and to schedule appointments for your testing. There could be legal ramifications for not showing up, once the testing has been reserved.

    Contact local family planning centers and health clinics to see if there is free testing available. Some clinics will offer free testing on days like Father’s Day, or there may be short term deals available depending on the clinic’s schedule and the services they provide. Hospitals may offer the same types of services.

    Get free testing through the mail. If the local options haven’t worked out for you, there are free testing options offered by companies such as DNA-Worldwide and that you can pursue. These services send you the DNA collection kit, and you mail it back to them for your test and results. While not strictly found in Florida, this is a good option for those who can’t afford high priced DNA tests.

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